Struggling to make a decision? Ask yourself “What would Captain Kirk do?”

Do you every have those days when you struggle to decide on what seems to be the right course of action? Every option seems to throw up as many questions as it does answers – perhaps you feel paralysed by the fear of making a choice and it being the wrong one – so you make no decision at all…

Or perhaps you have a big challenge looming on the horizon and you really want to perform well, be grounded and in control and get the best outcome for you and your team but don’t quite know how to make that happen.

These times can be incredibly frustrating and sometimes lonely. Of course you can always talk to trusted friends and colleagues – and this may help you make your decision – or it may just throw new opinions into the mix that confuse you even more.

At times like this, one option is to ask: “What would Captain Kirk do?” Now you may not be a Trekkie – so Captain Kirk may not be your first choice of leader to step into the shoes of – but this is an exercise in exploring perspectives and getting curious about the insights that they may offer. And it doesn’t have to be a person whose perspective you try on – you might choose the perspective of the view from the top of your favourite hill – or your wiser self, twenty years from now…. No matter what you choose – the opportunity here is to get some virtual distance from whatever it is you might be struggling with and to create a shift in mind set by playing with some new perspectives – they are all around you and freely available to you – so why not give it ago? Pick something you are trying to make a decision on or find a solution for and ask “What would Captain Kirk do?”

And if not Kirk – who would you choose? Tweet me @SarahBoldlyGo and let me know!