Tapping into our resourcefulness and “learning to dance in the rain”

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass – it’s about learning to dance in the rain”.

I’ve got this framed on my wall. Like many pictures when you first put them up you really pay attention to them and then as time goes on they just fade into the background, becoming wallpaper. But this week my attention was drawn to it. That quote has never felt truer than now and it made me think about what it means for me at the moment. What does it mean to “dance in the rain” during a global pandemic and social lock down? (Though arguably this is more of a monster hurricane than a storm…)

For me it speaks to tapping into the ability to try and make the best of things; it also makes me think about the fact that in life (especially in Blighty) there is quite a lot of rain and so you may as well accept that – and let go of the thought that the sun should shine more or that it’s best to wait for clearer skies. This quote also reminds me that everyone gets rained on and that everyone has to find their way through it – and that in the past I’ve managed to dance through some pretty big storms.

This current situation has really made me think about my resilience, my ability to bounce back and move forward – it has made me think about the inner resources at my disposal to help me navigate this storm – and also how I might be useful in helping others tap into their own natural resourcefulness and build their resilience. Truth be told I think I was drawn to coaching because I wanted to always know that I had the emotional tools at my disposal to both thrive and survive in the ups and downs of life and work – that combined with a fascination about human motivation and a drive to utilise my skills to connect others with their innate, unique strengths and talents.

I’ve been spurred on by the current circumstances to create some webinars around this topic. As I’ve been doing this one of the many things I’ve been reflecting on is the power of both knowing and leaning in to our strengths. I regard our strengths as part of our unique resourcefulness toolkit – and now feels like a really appropriate time to rifle around in that toolkit and grab a strength (realised or as yet unrealised) that could be useful for you – as well as serve others.

Don’t know your strengths? You are in luck – Strengths Profiler (by Cappfinity) are kindly offering their profile free until the end of April – it’s the perfect opportunity to shine a light on what’s available to you to draw on – I encourage you to take 20 minutes to do it – there will be some rich, useful gifts in there for you. https://www.strengthsprofile.com/en-gb

And if you would like a co-pilot to help you bring your profile to life or to discuss Resilience & Resourcefulness webinars please drop me a line – I’d love to hear from you.

And in the meantime – be gentle with yourself – and keep dancing.



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