How We Do It

How We Do It

  • Coaching Partnerships
  • Co-created and Experimental
  • Explore – Identify – Act

Boldly-Go 1:1 Leadership Coaching

Boldly-Go Coaching is neither consulting nor counselling – it is partnership where the client and coach work together to uncover the clients strengths, their unique leadership style and vision, personal drivers as well as any blocks and potential derailers, in order that they can bring the best of themselves into their professional and personal lives.

In coaching the solutions come from the client because they are the expert in their own life: the coach is the expert in facilitating the process, championing the greatest set of possibilities for the client, challenging and stretching them, whilst supporting them in a confidential non-judgmental environment, through a process which enables them to explore and fulfil their potential.

Our roles as coach and facilitator is to work with clients to “play big”, to challenge them to stretch beyond what they once believed was possible.

Boldly-Go 1:1 Leadership Coaching


Whether as part of a Corporate Leadership Programme or individual Executive Coaching, Boldly-Go provides a structured programme specifically designed to empower individuals to:

  • Uncover their authentic leadership voice – connecting with the courage to lead in their own way in challenging situations
  • Understand and play to strengths – and lead from personal strength
  • Identify personal vision and maintain leadership drive in the context of demanding workloads
  • Discover individual resilience approaches
  • Identifying the blocks and beliefs that are holding them back from stepping into their potential
  • Build self- awareness and enhance their emotional intelligence and to take bold action and implement lasting changes

The programme comprises around 10 – 12 sessions and takes place over a 6 – 8 month period subject to individual or organisational requirement with coaching sessions taking place every 3-4 weeks.

Boldly-Go Leadership Coaching is a blend of face to face, Skype or phone coaching. Where circumstances and time allows coaching can take place away from the office – Sarah has a particular passion for coaching in the great outdoors and where clients share this passion suitable coaching locations can be chosen.

A strength based focus is central to our approach and we use a strengths profiling tool as part of the coaching programme.

Coaching comprises three interconnected and evolving elements which evolve throughout the programme to reflect the client’s leadership challenges and agenda. This isn’t a linear process – the coaching will move in and out of these three elements throughout the programme.


  • Discovery and exploration – uncovering what matters to you – what you stand for
  • Personal drivers and motivation
  • Inner leader
  • Strengths identification
  • Belief lens – uncovering your stories – beliefs and blocks


  • Setting the direction – where you’re headed
  • Personal leadership vision
  • Compelling goals and prizes
  • Desired leadership impact and presence
  • Authentic leadership voice/style
  • Personal resources and resilience


  • Choice, resources and Action
  • Activating your inner compass
  • Resonant choices
  • Utilizing self-awareness
  • Connecting with courage – courageous leadership
  • Responding to challenges
  • Action
  • Failing – learning – growing

what to Expect

What it will be: Active – challenging – eye opening – thought provoking – stretching
What it won’t be: A nice chat – boring – cosy

“Sometimes the simplest truths are the ones you can’t see, until you have a partner like Sarah who can gently but firmly hold up a mirror to what’s really being said.”

Team Coaching

Boldly-Go Team and group coaching approaches are developed in response to the clients team development needs, presenting challenges and the wider organizational context and requirements. 

Team Coaching utilises the TCI Team Diagnostic tool which provides an easy to interpret data snap shot of where the team is now in terms of productivity and positivity (the latter being team culture/spirit) and highlights where the team needs to direct it’s attention to be more effective and to deliver results (which is after all what teams exist to do!).

TCI Team Dynamics looks at the team as a whole – as a “system”, an entity in it’s own right it brings together each teams members view of the team, collated to create a full view of how it performs. The Team Coaching process makes the team responsible for co-creating their own solutions around identified areas of development and utilises the power of the team so that it becomes greater than the sum of it’s parts. 

Team Coaching programmes are bespoke to each client. A typical Team Coaching engagement will begin with a 1-2 day Team event to debrief the outcomes of the Team Diagnostic, to identify both the areas of opportunity and development for the team and to set the direction of travel for the Team coaching. This session is then followed by monthly Team Coaching sessions over a 6 month period and followed up with another Team Diagnostic (delivered free of charge) to review the progress of the team against identified goals.

Areas of focus in workshops and Team coaching engagements include

  • Creating high performing teams – moving teams from fine to great
  • Improving team productivity and team spirit
  • Developing shared leadership vision and values
  • Building team alignment 
  • Identifying and playing to team strength
  • Developing team charters and conflict protocols
  • Leadership in transition and leading through change

Strategic Facilitation

Boldly-Go offers strategic facilitation for situations where an impartial third party facilitator is required to manage a group discussion or exploratory workshop with predefined outputs.

A range of experiential approaches including systems and constellations are used – each facilitated session is prepared in collaboration with the client and developed in line the clients presenting challenges and the wider organisational context and requirements.