What People Say

From Marketing Consultants to Curators and CEOs – here are some of the things people have said about working with Boldly-Go.

“When I first met Sarah I felt that we had the potential to work well together, she was direct and insightful from the off and used many and various techniques to help me to focus on those things I needed to understand and or change in myself to make progress towards my goals. I really valued her challenge, tenacity and skilful interventions, which helped me to unblock and better understand my situation, my potential and myself in a very real and meaningful way.

Sarah’s ability to see through the words and to maintain focus on the important things we needed to work on together was exemplary. I am in a very different place to where I was when we started to work together, my heartfelt thanks”

Executive Director

I’ve experienced a noticeable difference in the levels of engagement in the team since they have been part of the programme, with a significant change in individuals talking the lead – whether it be improving key processes or leading a significant project. I was keen to develop an environment of constructive challenge and the coaching programme has led to a significant improvement in open dialogue within the team. Perhaps most importantly, I feel an increased level of trust in the leadership capabilities of the team which mean that I can remove myself from the day to day operational aspects of my role and focus on the longer term view for the organisation.

Having participated in the program myself, I have found the experience of partnering with a coach on a one to one basis very valuable; it has helped me build a wider awareness of my personal impact within in the organisation and to change behaviours which haven’t been serving me or the organisation; it has also provided me with a valuable opportunity to have open conversations with my team about mutual areas for development which has improved both trust and morale.

CEO, Licensing

Good at managing complex situations and personalities, Sarah has a particular aptitude for managing big groups, with big characters – this means that she cuts to the chase with the particular issues that arise.

I always get a balanced perspective from Sarah which generates a lot of trust in what she is saying being both accurate and deliverable – and this combined with her authentic, straight forward approach contributes to her high credibility.

Assistant Director, Museum and Heritage Sector

Through my career I have been fortunate enough to have exposure to a wide number of coaches all of whom have helped me develop and, specifically, to bring structure to my development. With Sarah I was able to throw off the shackles that I had allowed structure to become and look closer at what is authentically me. In doing so I feel that I have gained renewed confidence and resource to address my challenges and opportunities. I am proud of me which is not something I say easily. Finally I am happier. If you are looking at this thinking “I need coaching” then proud and happy may not be what you are looking for but this is what Sarah has brought me and as I learned through the process of coaching with Sarah; “what is the cost of not being honest”.

Managing Director, Digital Media

As a coach Sarah is creative and intuitive. She skillfully held the space for courageous coaching sessions that led me to take bold action. I began my coaching journey with Sarah in the midst of lots of challenges and was definitely over extended at work in ways that were not always helpful. I’ve become more intentional in my thoughts and actions which has led to improved self-management, increased use of my core skills across the business and I’ve learnt to both acknowledge my achievements and say ‘no’. I have achieved some truly momentous shifts and I know this has been down to Sarah’s creativity, care, gracious dexterity and intuition – thank you!

Programme Lead, Charity

As a coach Sarah has the ability to unlock new perspectives and help you significantly grow in a short space of time. When I started the coaching I wasn’t clear on my career goals or how I wanted to shift my leadership style. Now I have a clear sense of purpose and a vision for the future. On a personal level this has meant I’m happier and my wellbeing has improved. For my business it means I’m able to lead more effectively, in a much more authentic and human way.

Head of Strategy, Professional Services

I decided to give coaching a go when it I realised that life was controlling me and I was struggling to get it back on my terms. Sarah has helped me flip this round. The process has been amazing…it helps prioritise what’s important to you, it brings into focus what needs to change, it then works on implementing change. Sarah has a wonderfully sensitive nose and has both challenged and championed at the right time throughout. This means she’s particularly good at helping you get over the blocks…her timing and judgement is always spot on and she uses different angles to find ways to help you through. Looking back on my coaching journey, I realise just how much progress I made…life is far more on my terms, the shape of my life is now positively different and I use my new thinking from coaching to keep it all in check.

Marketing Consultant, Retail

Sarah is a fantastic coach. Her energy, enthusiasm, warmth and humour engaged me from the outset, she is creative, resourceful and has been an amazing champion of my potential and challenger of anything that gets in the way of me realising this. I have loved having her in my corner and quite simply don’t think I would have progressed so far with my business without her focused support and unerring optimism and belief in me. I can highly recommend her.

Occupational Therapist

Sarah has a brilliant knack for helping you to cut through the confusion and look at what really matters and get to grips with the important issues.

Her positive and calm approach helps to guide you towards making decisions that you thought were impossible, or to finally understand difficult situations with a sense of detachment and clarity.

After a session with Sarah I feel like I have had a total workout for mind and soul, and feel a sense of lightness and pride, confident in the thought that I have made a positive contribution to confronting the issues (no matter how big or small) in my life. Its a great feeling. I have learnt many ways to approach problems, that I now use on a daily basis to think things through.

I would highly recommend undertaking the process of coaching for a positive approach to work and everyday life, but most importantly I would highly recommend Sarah to take you on that journey.

Senior Buyer, Retail

Sarah is really intuitive; she gets to the heart of what’s really important for me and sticks with it. Sarah has really helped me to recognise my strengths, believe more in myself and be truly honest about what I do and don’t want in my life. After coaching with Sarah I feel I have more clarity and am now motivated to pursue what I want. Sarah’s natural style and creativity means coaching with her is always an inspiring experience.

Regional Planner, Charity

I was feeling a bit stuck in my job. Relationships with my manager and staff were good at a personal level, but work wise we were often going round in circles. I felt as if I was playing out the same old routines. [Sarah’s] coaching encouraged me to see and think about work situations from a variety of new perspectives. It also made me think about my strengths and weaknesses, and particularly about the working environments in which I work best. I can now break away from those routine behaviours and look out for opportunities where I know I can contribute most.

Curator, Museum and Heritage sector

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