Corporate Leadership Coaching Programmes

Programmes of structured one-to-one Leadership Coaching delivered over a 6 – 8 month period utilising strengths profiling tools and other insight tools according to client requirements.

Working with emerging talent through to Director and CEO level.

Co-created coaching objectives with transparent contracting and confidentiality.

Case Study:
Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA)

  • Leadership Coaching
Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA)

With a new CEO at the helm, CLA had redefined its vision and was embarking on the delivery of an exciting new 3 year strategy.

Following a far reaching organisational restructure, the senior team played a pivotal role in leading and supporting their teams through a period of transition, as well as well as delivering results in line with the new strategy.

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“I was able to look closer at what is authentically me. In doing so I feel that I have gained renewed confidence and resource to address my challenges and opportunities.”

Executive Coaching

One-to-one Leadership Coaching delivered over a 6 – 8 months period utilising Strengths profiling tools and other insight tools as appropriate.

Working with senior execs and talented professionals.

What sort of things do we work with clients on?

  • Understanding and playing to your strengths – leading from personal strength
  • Uncovering your authentic leadership voice – connecting with the courage to lead in your own way 
  • Developing and maintaining personal resourcefulness and resilience in high pressure environments
  • Identifying the blocks and beliefs that are holding you back from stepping in to your potential
  • Fulfilling potential in your role and stretching beyond perceived limits
  • Responding to leadership challenges in a context of a new or changing role
  • Building an awareness of personal impact
  • Self-management and enhancing emotional intelligence
  • Career change and transition

Team Coaching

Boldly-Go team coaching approaches are developed in response to the clients team development needs, presenting challenges and the wider organisational context and requirements. As with one-to-one coaching Boldly-Go partners with the client in order to flexibly and creatively develop coaching interventions that lead to impactful change.

Team Coaching utilises the TCI Team Diagnostic tool which provides an easy to interpret data snap shot of where the team is now in terms of productivity and positivity (the latter being team culture/spirit) and highlights where the team needs to direct it’s attention to be more effective and to deliver results (which is after all what teams exist to do!).

TCI Team Dynamics looks at the team as a whole – as a “system”, an entity in it’s own right it brings together each teams members view of the team, collated to create a full view of how it performs. The Team Coaching process makes the team responsible for co-creating their own solutions around identified areas of development and utilises the power of the team so that it becomes greater than the sum of it’s parts – and delivers results and strategic outcomes.

Other interventions range from one day team development workshops to integrated leadership development programmes and utilise a blend of systems constellations work and team coaching approaches. All workshops and programmes are varied and experiential and where appropriate make use of strengths based and behavioural profiling tools.

What sort of things do we work with clients on?

  • Creating high performing teams – moving teams from fine to great
  • Improving team productivity and team spirit
  • Developing shared leadership vision and values
  • Building team alignment 
  • Identifying and playing to team strength
  • Developing team charters and conflict protocols
  • Leadership in transition and leading through change

Strategic Facilitation

Boldly-Go offers strategic facilitation for situations where an impartial third party facilitator is required to managing a group discussion or exploratory workshop with predefined outputs.

Examples of strategic facilitation include:

  • Developing fresh perspectives on leadership challenges
  • Exploring and identifying organisational, group or team vision
  • Organisational values – identification and team alignment
  • Changes to organisational and team structure