Who we do it with

Who We Work With

  • Emerging Talent
  • Directors & CEOs
  • Talented Professionals
  • Leadership Teams

Who Are You?

You might be:

  • A CEO who is facing a challenging business landscape who needs to bring best out of the leadership team and resource them to deliver new strategic initiatives
  • A Group Director who has a newly formed team which needs to confidently engage with senior stakeholders and constructively challenge the organisational norms
  • A HR Business leader with responsibility for succession planning who wants to develop emerging talent

Or you may be:

  • A senior executive in a large organisation – perhaps in a new role or leading a new team – dealing with continual change within a demanding environment
  • A professional in career transition (or crisis) wrestling with conflicting priorities and deciding what changes you want to make
  • A divisional leader who is managing transition and who wants to maximize the potential of her team or ulilise diverse talents to positive effect

You may also be….. a talented professional who wants to:

  • Build on and play to your strengths
  • Uncover and develop your personal resilience
  • Connect with your courage and individual drive
  • Tune in to your emotional intelligence
  • Be a mindful leader

You may also want:

  • To be an inspiring leader that others want to follow

You may also aspire:

  • To have a positive impact on your community, society and the world

Clients Include:

“Sarah has a particular aptitude for managing big groups, with big characters – this means that she cuts to the chase with the particular issues that arise.”



  • Rising to the challenge of leading through change
  • Responding to leadership challenges in a context of a new or changing role
  • Identifying personal leadership vision
  • Uncovering your authentic leadership voice – connecting with the courage to lead in your own way in high pressure situations
  • Understanding and playing to your strengths – leading from personal strength
  • Maintaining leadership drive in the context of demanding workloads and digital disruption
  • Developing and maintaining personal resourcefulness and resilience in high pressure environments
  • Identifying the blocks and beliefs that are holding you back from stepping in to your potential


  • Improving team productivity and team spirit
  • Moving teams from fine to great
  • Developing shared leadership vision and values
  • Identifying and playing to team strength
  • Developing team alliances and conflict protocols
  • Creating from team conflict
  • Leading teams in transition and leading through change

Boldy-Go Coaching is for people who:

  • Seek out and enjoy new experiences
  • Are curious – want to learn and grow
  • Want to feel fully alive
  • Have a sense of humour and fun – can laugh at themselves
  • Are sparky and passionate
  • Love the outdoors and invigorating environments and activities