Helping to Create the Leaders of Tomorrow

We’re a new type of Leadership Coaching company. We believe modern successful leaders combine their personal convictions – their own beliefs, values and passions – with traditional leadership skills to create a more powerful, authentic and inspiring presence within organisations.

We call it ‘Bold Leadership’ because it takes courage and commitment from you and creates stronger leaders people truly want to follow.

You Are Very Powerful Stuff

How you think and act as a person has a huge influence on your professional life and career. By developing a greater understanding yourself – your personal strengths and convictions as well as your shortcomings or vulnerabilities – we can help you become a more impactful, human and believable leader.

A More Personal Approach to Leadership

For Individuals

One to one leadership coaching for senior execs and talented professionals.

Leading from strength; rising to leadership challenges; building resilience.

For Teams

Team coaching and group facilitation for leadership teams.

Leading through change; building team positivity and productivity.

For Organisations

Support in developing emerging and existing leaders.

Developing fresh perspectives on leadership challenges.

“Sarah is a fantastic coach. Her energy, enthusiasm, warmth and humour engaged me from the outset…”

Sarah Hardman

Sarah Hardman

Your Co-Pilot On The Voyage

Sarah is a Leadership and Team PERFORMANCE Coach (CPCC and CTPC; pcc ICF accredited)

As her coaching company name, “Boldy-Go” suggests, Sarah has a particular interest in courage and confidence in personal and professional leadership. Sarah works with clients to identify and play to their strengths, helping to connect them with their “best selves” and to hone the personal resourcefulness and resilience required of their leadership roles; in a co-created partnership she works with clients to navigate the limiting beliefs and behaviours and to step in to their full potential.